2022 « A promising vintage. »

The wines from a hot and dry year are of high quality, with perfect balance.
As indicated during our spring rates, yields remain low.
This is due to the exceptional climate that we had.

2021 « Very low yields but the quality is there »

The 2021 harvest is complete. The vintage will be remembered following the various bad weather conditions of the past year.
No season will have spared us. Not to mention the 500mm of rain in June...
As a result, yields are very low, but the quality and fruit of our Gamay are there.
Our new cuvée "Tu m'tiens au jus" has kept its promises!

2020 « Let us rejoice despite the difficulties of life »

The year 2020 will go down in history. A vintage that will be of very high quality.
Let us rejoice despite the difficulties of life...
Our "Beaujolais Nouveaux" are bottled and will attest to this beautiful year.
The "Vieilles Vignes" and "Côte du Py" 2018 are in line with previous vintages.

2019 « The year 2019 and its multiple climatic hazards »

The year 2019 and its multiple climatic hazards (frosts in April, violent winds in May, drought this summer, etc.) reduced yields.
However, 2019 is a vintage rich in fruit, drinkable, with a beautiful garnet color. Its quality is remarkable.
Enjoy our Syrah 2016, which are exceptional (low quantity), before moving on to Syrah 2017.

2018 « Dry and hot summer... »

The year 2018 will remain in the annals at the climatic level. The hot, dry summer has spoiled our profession.

The Beaujolais Nouveau, which was bottled at the end of October, promises us a high quality vintage.
The Morgon Vieilles Vignes 2016, packaged at the end of July, will reach maturity for the end of year celebrations.

The Domaine has just acquired the HVE Label (high environmental value), respect for nature, plowing the land, taking care of our work, as we have always done.

2017 « "When the wine is pulled, you have to drink it" »

"When the wine is pulled, you have to drink it"
No, you have to taste it, savor it, enjoy it.

What sunshine this summer! What a wonderful time for our vines.

The precooked harvest that began in late August allows us, after the end of fermentations, to proceed to the bottling of our Beaujolais Nouveau very early. Their quality will be optimal on November 16, 2017, the first day allowed for consumption.
So!, "When the wine is pulled, you have to drink it."
Thursday, November 16 must continue to be a day of celebration.

We offer a range of wines "that you already know how to appreciate", which will accompany perfectly every dish of your meals and aperitifs.

2016 « Spring disasters… »

The disastrous hail in late April destroyed part of our vineyard.
More than 1500 hectares of vineyards devastated in the Chiroubles, Fleurie, and Morgon crus.
A violent storm comparable to a typhoon. In certain of these vineyards, 100% of the 2016 crop was devastated. What are going to be the consequences for the 2017 crop?

“very beneficial Summer ...”

You found it hot, very hot even, during your July and August holidays. The vines too – and this is the weather they love! So our 2016 crop is of very high quality, but very limited in quantity. Supple, very fruity wines, contrasting with the 2015 crop, which was very strong and tannic.

Thanks to changes in the legislation, we have permission to plant the Syrah grape variety, allowing us to extend our range of wines. Lovingly produced just like our Gamays, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this wine.

2015 « Heat wave, drought, scorching Summer … »

No, don’t let’s exaggerate: very fine months of July and August for the vines.
The year of the century, very great vintage, brilliant harvest…
No, don’t let’s exaggerate like the Press. We’re not entitled to deceive our customers.

2015: A very good crop, thanks to the very sunny months of July and August.

• Substantial alcohol contents at over 14°,
• Slightly lacking in acidity,
• Very insufficient quantity for proper financial management of our operations.

The very slight increase in our prices was necessary and obligatory. Over the last ten years, our prices have gone up only very reasonably. By an average of just 1.5% a year.

2014 « Let’s leave Nature to do her stuff… »

You’ve noticed that the months of July and August have not been brilliant in terms of warmth and sunshine. The fine weather in September (North wind, sunshine, absence of dampness) has contributed to the very high quality (sugar / acidity balance) of this 2014 harvest.

“Let’s take care of our vines and our wines …”

At Domaine du Petit Pérou, we’ve always produced natural wines, of course with grape. We don’t treat our vines, we care for them so they will give us high-quality grapes.
We are continuing to work as our forefathers did.

Don’t let’s change anything: You’re satisfied with our wines, we’re happy to be bringing you pleasure.

2013 « It’s better to drink too much good wine than a little bit of a bad one … »

The Press has forecast a late year with a small crop.
The trendy sales argument was to produce wines in the old-fashioned way, we are entering into the cycle of a recent past of grape harvesting in the second half of December. We’ve just come through several early years (global warming?). This 2013 crop is still correct in terms of quantity, and very welcome after the disastrous 2012.