Our motto in three key points


The real commerce begins when the customer comes back, and our loyal bar and restaurant customers are a testament to the quality of our wines.


Our welcoming tasting cellar is open every day for you to discover our wines and a bit about our daily life.


In the Paris region, we deliver direct to our trade customers at least once every 3 weeks.

Ploughed vineyard

Cultivating the vines

Our vines are treated with very special care. Entirely hand-pruned using secateurs at the end of the Winter, the vineyards are then ploughed throughout in Spring, so as to limit the use of herbicides right up to the grape harvest.
We inspect the vineyards and we treat the vines if, and only if, it is necessary, in order to meet our requirements for sustainable wine-growing. In October, we plough a second time so as to eliminate the weeds before Winter.

Pruning the vines

Pruning the vines

We start pruning our vines as soon as the leaves have fallen, while they are dormant.

Ploughing the soil in the vineyard


This makes it possible to keep the soil mellow, aerate it, make it easier for the water and fertilizers to penetrate, and encourage the vines’ root development.

Subsoiling the vineyard


This operation consists in breaking up the deeper layers of the subsoil (30–60 cm) so as to eliminate excess water.


To produce our wines, we perform different types of vinification.
For the Beaujolais, the time spent in the vats is short, around 4–5 days, with thermo-vinification, then cooling to 20°C, to obtain fruitier, easy-to-drink wines.
The Morgons spend longer in the vats, 8–14 days, with semi-carbonic maceration, in order to develop maximum aroma and colour.
Lastly, for our white wines, the grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive in the winery, then cold-fermented (between 8 and 12°C) for 25–30 days, so as to obtain fresh, fruity wines.

The future at the Domaine

First, we’re planning on restructuring our vineyards in the Beaujolais appellation, by planting vines from the Chardonnay grape variety in order to meet the growing demand for white wine.
We’re also looking at expanding the Domaine by 2–3 hectares in the Brouilly appellation, here too to meet growing demand from our customers.